7 Nail Colors That Will Be Everywhere This Spring, According to Celebrity Manicurists

7 nail colors that will be everywhere this spring, according to celebrity manicurists 1

7 Nail Colors That Will Be Everywhere This Spring, According to Celebrity Manicurists

Don’t be fooled, fashion runways are more than just gorgeous dresses and fantastic shoes. Fashion shows are where styles and trends of all things begin. It’s the place that dictates what people will be wearing in the months ahead. Designers show you what types of fads and colors you will start to spot in stores for the following season. Not just for apparel, this is where you will also see the biggest trends in nails, hairstyles, and make-up. Nail fads from classic lady-like to bright racing stripes were spotted all over this season’s spring 2012 shows. There was a little something for everyone.

Lady-like nails were found everywhere this fashion season. Longer shaped, naturally polished nails were viewed on runways and in seats. Some runways went against clipping models’ nails, keeping them long and filed into a lady-like shape. We saw light pink colors on short, clipped nails at the Tory Burch runway show. In other areas, we saw traditional red and nude nails. A color staple that we always go back to is the classic red nail.

More trendy than ever is a twist on the standard French manicure, just in reverse. Updated from their classic shape and hue, they give your nails a fun and interesting look. Reverse French polishes were found in attention-grabbing dark plums and tans. Other similar nail trends seen on the runway were two-tone nails, where each finger was being painted in two colors. Usually, dark colors were painted on top of lighter hues, leaving sides open for the lighter colors to still be in view. It may be difficult to find a salon that knows how to do this new trend, which may be harder to do yourself. Look for spa websites and nail salon websites that may offer this kind of manicure.

This season’s shows’ biggest hit had to be the ombre fingers. We started to see ombre becoming big a few years ago in hair color. For those that don’t know, ombre is when one color or shade bleeds into a completely different color or shade. Ombre manicures in eye-popping blues and black were on the runway of Jenny Kao’s show. Another style seen using two different polishes is the racing stripe nail. This is a great way to enjoy strong blues and yellows for spring.

Yellow will definitely be the biggest nail style for spring 2012. It doesn’t have to be bright; it can be a nice, plain and subtle yellow. It is the quickest way to mix spring’s “it” shade with your wardrobe.