25 Elegant Emerald Green Nails Designs For You

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25 Elegant Emerald Green Nails Designs For You

The world of nail art is complex and surprising, what is more, it changes constantly, and that is great too since you can always pull off something different with your manicure. These days when pastel and nudes have taken over the world, some bolder shades remain in darkness. That is why we consider it our primary goal to introduce to you the magic of emerald green nails. The thing is that emerald is the hue of jewels, and that is what makes it so magnificent and powerful. To prove our point we invite you to have a closer look at this perfectly emerald green nail art compilation!

Combo Gold Foil Accent And Emerald Marble Nails

Among all the nail colors emerald green color is one of those profoundly sophisticated colors, that vibrates with prosperity and well-being. When you introduce it into your manicure, it may seem complete with just this shade, but it is also great to know that there are other ways to take the beauty to the next level. Just look at this marble nail art with the addition of emerald green and gold foil accent. It is so gorgeous that it would easily suit the same-shaded prom dress, with no doubt!

Marble Effect With Rich Emerald Color

Emerald green shades are so perfect in their core that they rarely need any addition to take the manicure to the next level. But in this case, the accent marble nail completes the look perfectly as well as the matte top. Luxurious and straightforward at the same time, isn’t it?

Beautiful Glitter Accent

Very often, we consider the accent nail bound to be of some entirely different shade or to involve some intricate pattern to carry out the task. With this nail design is it clear that green glitter and sweet paslet blue nail polish go hand-in-hand and look perfect together. It seems that there is not even a detail to be added, it is gorgeous!

Emerald Cat Eye Design

Emerald green nail polish with cat-eye effect seems to be mesmerizing to the point when it is hard to take the eyes off. It looks like melted jewels on your fingernails, don’t you think?