16 Stunning Nail Art Trend Ideas for 2019!

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16 Stunning Nail Art Trend Ideas for 2019!


Bright is the new cute. Adored by many, even the Duchess of Cambridge and the Royal line follow the trend of keeping their nails “barely” polished. Lots of A-list celebrities also discard the glam squad like J-Lo, Selena Gomez, and Emma Roberts to flaunting their iconic bright nail art look on their ‘gram.

There are lots of ways to make your pickity fingers look stunning without making them too flashy, from choosing the right color blend to picking cute nail accessories. Bright is the new trend since it fits any season, virtually enchanting and plus, it’s not too pricey—unlike the colorful polishes with blinks and Swarovski. Thanks to its versatility, you can wear bright nail art to promptly match your day at Coachella or attending your BFF’s nuptials.

If you have an idea of creating urbane nail art, there’ll always be something to find in the peanuts gallery, like literally. These delicious almond nails are just as versatile as ever since you can play with many different styles and look to go out with. There are many almond-themed nail art inspirations out there, and you can simply choose one that matches your preference the most.

Start with toasted almond if you love anything ordinary, or combine both almond biscotti and almond oil colors, painted in turns on your nails. Most people are favoring matte bright almond colors rather than the glossy-looking ones simply because of fondness, but both are making an excellent choice. But, if you’re asking which nail shape suits this art design the most, the answer would be the stiletto or stiletto square—pick one.