135 TheGlitterNail Get inspired Salmon Pink Tips on long Coffin Nails

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135 TheGlitterNail Get inspired Salmon Pink Tips on long Coffin Nails

In the middle of July, U.S. economy was hanging on a knives edge. The culmination of many events since 2020 finally caught up with the U.S. government and the economy also. We take into account the many bad things that have occurred, and also the massive greed that has formed over the last several years we can fully understand and appreciate the problems we are now facing.

It is obvious that whatever actions taken by the U.S. Government right now are not working. Obama’s lies are now catching up to him. For months and months he kept talking to the American person and keeping them in a false sense of security. Months later and here we are, the world’s hurting, and the economy in tatters.

As the U.S. government have now collaborated, and come up with a plan for the debt ceiling issues is a final nail in the coffin for the future of the U.S. and also the economy. It may also be the final nail in the coffin for many Washington careers including Obama’s. We can now see how badly run the U.S. is and how much indecision areas within the U.S. government’s. Democrats and republicans cannot come to any sort of agreement, and that is not only hurting the economy but the people and their livelihoods at the moment.

Many people are now realizing that all these commitments from the government to increase spending, and to flood the economy with printed money is not really the best tend to be doing right now. Since 2008, and the credit crisis, none of their actions seem to be working. Yet they keep doing the same thing over and over again. The real definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. So the government are insane if they think such actions are going to put a quick fix on the economy for the short term, and also the long-term. The economy right now is a ticking time bomb, and the U.S. government are unable to pay the interest on the debt right now as it is now increasing at an exponential rate.